Preparing for the IELTS Speaking section is especially important, even if you are comfortable with the English language. 

Try these tips to help you achieve a high band score:

Plan your study sessions

Start your preparation well before your IELTS test date. Prioritise sections where you feel less confident. When you book your IELTS test with the British Council, you can access IELTS Ready Premium for free right up until your test date. This comprehensive preparation course enables you to create a personalised study plan so you can practise at your own pace.

Select effective preparation materials

Regularly engage with English media, including TV shows, radio, and podcasts, to improve your pronunciation and understanding of the language's nuances. Complement these resources with formal study materials that provide interactive exercises and mock interviews. IELTS Ready Premium offers extensive resources, including practice tests and pronunciation tips.

Practice consistently

Frequent practice will build your confidence. Aim to complete numerous practice tests. The Speaking section lasts about 15 minutes, so it's important to use your time effectively and extend your responses beyond simple answers to demonstrate your vocabulary and sentence structure.

Prepare for test day

Check your test schedule on the Test Taker Portal, as the Speaking test may be scheduled separately from the other sections. It can be conducted in person or online. The more you practise ahead of your test, the more confident you will be on test day. IELTS Ready Premium features more than 40 practice tests to help you prepare. The Speaking Section of IELTS takes just 15 minutes to complete so make sure you use every minute to make your best impression.

Remain calm and clear on test day

Be ready to discuss familiar topics and engage in two-way conversations. If a question is unclear, do not hesitate to ask for clarification.

Stay composed and take a moment to think before answering questions to ensure your responses are well-organised and complete.

By following these guidelines you can improve your performance in the IELTS Speaking section and advance your international career and educational prospects.

Achieve your best results on test day

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